Lightweight, Broadcast quality, High Definition Video Production Gear List for Day Outings on Foot.

Video Gear for Day Outing

I feel I’ve got my High Definition kit down to the bare minimum and would like to share the gear list I use for exploring travel destinations by foot. This kit is suitable for anyone wishing to produce High Definition video with two broadcast quality audio sources, suitable for such situations as interviews.

The camera bag featured, I bought in Japan, and is just big enough to hold the xf and gear listed. I got it deliberately for this reason. I have found when traveling, Parkinson’s law can relate to space as it does to time. If you have a big bag…you will find junk to fill it with!

From the picture above, from top left working clockwise, the kit includes:

Buddhist Temple, Chengdu, China

* Pen and note pad
* Fluffer dust remover
* In ear head phones
* Sennheiser ew100g2 Radio Mic Kit
* Rode ‘dead cat’ fluffy wind shield
* Rode NTG1 shotgun mic
* short xlr lead for on camera
* long (2 mtr) xlr lead for interviews
* Velbon C-400 Tripod
* True ‘e-professional’ camera case
* Rotolight on camera light
* Sunscreen and lip balm for ol’ whitey
* Canon XF100 HD video camera
* Two batteries for Canon XF100
* cleaning mitt (shoe shine cloth from the Yanggakdo Hotel, Pyongyang, DPRK)
* leatherman multi-tool, blade, screwdriver and bottle opener
* polarising filter for filming on water, through glass or on snow

not in picture
* Canon SX230 HS still camera that doubles as my 2nd video camera
* 2 x canon batteries for SX230 HS
* 12 x rechargeable AA batteries
* 2 x 32gb 60mb/s compact flash cards for XF100
* 1 x 8 gb grade 6 SDHC card for SX230 HS


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