How to use Online Video Marketing for your Business or Tourism Region.

Video Advertising Is The Fastest Growing Ad Format Online

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal mentions that online video is starting to become one of the best performing formats for online marketing.

A study by the Kelsey Group found that “online video can combine some of the traditional strengths of video advertising (entertaining, informative, ability to elicit emotional response) with the direct response capabilities of the Internet.”

Other studies have also found that “Streaming video delivers nearly three times higher brand awareness and message association, and more than 100% higher purchase intent and online ad awareness than non-rich media ads.”

Video also performs extremely well in Search (particularly youtube videos, as google owns youtube) Clever marketers are already aware of the power of video in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and it seems search engines are moving away from text search, making searches more interactive via video.

Unlike traditional television advertising, the results of an online video marketing campaign are also measurable. Statistics are available with regard to the age, sex, location, and the followup action of viewers (eg visiting your website and purchasing a product)

Develop an action plan to determine the success of a video, for example, provide a web link for more information or run a competition. Engage your audience, let them learn more about your region, product or business by providing immediate, measurable calls to action.

Psychological study explaining 5 reasons online video is so persuasive as a marketing tool.

How to use Online Video in your Marketing Campaign.

The internet allows for interactivity between your business and online viewers.

Business is now a conversation.

Video offers the perfect format to engage an online audience, to tell them about your business, your services, your products and also develop rapport and trust.

This means traditional 30 second television ads don’t work online, because viewers can avoid them at the click of a mouse. You must give people a reason to watch your video. For example, provide them with free information, give them an incentive to watch and avoid the ‘hard sell’ of television ads.

Many business owners are realizing they don’t need to hire models and talent to tell their story, fronting the camera themselves to discuss ‘documentary style’ their services or products. Why TV Ads don’t work on the net

Youtube says “Create Content, Not Commercials!’

Choosing a Production Company to make your Online Video.

Online video has changed the rules, reducing costs so as to make video accessible to all business.

Better and cheaper technology, means footage shot on the $5,000 professional video camera, in the hands of a skilled cameraman, can look just as good, as footage shot by a television crew.

And now, instead of having only 30 seconds to get your message across, the optimum time to tell your story online is one and a half minutes.

When choosing a production company, first examine their previous work. Can they tell a story and have they experience helping non-media professionals, such as business owners, perform well in front of a camera? And do they understand the online arena, do they have a youtube channel? Do people connect with their work? Do people subscribe to their youtube channel and actually want to watch their videos?

In the new world of online video, a small production company with a strong online video resume, may prove a better and more cost effective choice, than the bigger television production companies, dinosaurs of a different era.

How not to market your region or business with video, Australian examples


Video example of’s tourism business promos featuring all local people.

Article by Mark Shea of Overlander Multimedia. Mark is a video producer and trainer and specializes in documentary and travel/tourism related content. His youtube channel is one of youtube’s most successful travel partner channels

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8 thoughts on “How to use Online Video Marketing for your Business or Tourism Region.

  1. Mark,
    I read your article researching ideas for our tourism industry and marketing here in Charleston, SC… Thank You,
    Patrick Bryant
    Managing Partner
    Go To Team

  2. Thanks I agree with much of this- but US research shows that 40 seconds is the optimum time for a web video message before people start losing interest. The real trick is to introduce video into existing types of client communications to make it faster and more likely to be viewed eg a paper pdf case study can be tirned into a digital video case study, product overviews can be video product animations etc. We have created a a white paper how to use web video in B2B marketing which you are welcome to a copy of- let me know Sean

  3. We were finding it hard to demonstrate the value of our service until I put together some screen casts of some of the features. They are our first past, but the response was excellent. No need for the prospect or customer to feel we are selling to them. They view in their own time, saves on having to take time for a meeting and they can easily see the benefits. They are here if you are interested in looking at them. More work to do on them, I know.

    Sean, can I have a copy of your white paper? Thanks

    Bernie Callan
    Medley Systems

  4. Video for marketing is truly fantastic on the Web. Thanks for the great pointers to research on this topic.

    Video can now truly be a conversation: it’s possible to create streaming video that the viewer can change as it’s playing. More than Play/Pause/Resume… more than Flash overlays… the content of the video can change at the whim of the viewer. If video is engaging, *interactive* video is even more so. And you can gather the user’s preferences as they make their choices.

    Visit the show case at to see examples from brands you’ll recognize. See especially the site from Audi (Germany) to experience video you can change yourself as it plays!

  5. Thank Dan, exciting times

  6. Yes video marketing has become quite exceptable in the online world. Let’s face it people would rather watch a 2-3 min video then read a 2-3 website or sales page. The key is to get their attention right off the bat.. videos also are great for tutorials on How to’s of marketing online. Nice Article

    Diane Mumm

  7. it’s true that lots of business need to wake up to realise on the soft sell techniques.. people don’t really like to be pushed and yet sometimes, people like to be told what to buy … so, it’s a mix and match situation in marketing your videos online. Education by telling what so great your service or business offers will be a great way to start.. be authentic rather than fake…

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