U.K. Whistle stop tour – 60 – 90 sec. travel vids

New format coming to OVERLANDER.TV featuring our recent UK ?whistle stop tour?. Visiting Gatwick, Torquay, Cornwall, Bristol, Bath, Manchester, Wales, Oxford and London

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2 thoughts on “U.K. Whistle stop tour – 60 – 90 sec. travel vids

  1. Hi Mark – Is this really “You”? For many life is already way too fast – Certainly not my “Cup of Tea” Can you imagine the “Camino” in this format?

  2. Thanks for your comment Gerry. I like experimenting with new formats and this was a reaction to the excruciatingly dull and narcissistic daily ‘travel and lifestyle vloggers’ on YouTube, who all follow the same formula, with videos stretching out to 10 minutes. A 10 day tour of the UK really doesnt allow for any real time for analysis or thorough interviews. We did do one at river cottage, which looks at the great work they are doing, but as for the rest of the trip, l just wanted to experiment with words and time. I needed 34 days on the Camino in order for it’s secrets to be revealed. My whistle stop videos kind of mirror my UK, and dare l say, most people’s holiday experiences. A blur of sites and destinations and meals and movements. But I agree with you, media seems to be racing to quicker and quicker formats – snapchat, vine. Have you ever watched Adam Curtis ‘All watched over by machines of loving grace’? Curtis’s style has been described as ‘like watching the tv when your dog keeps sitting on the remote, changing the channels’ https://vimeo.com/groups/96331/videos/80799353 I quite like it, but I agree, not everyone’s cup of tea. Once again thanks for your honest comment

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