Travel Video Collaboration with Filmmakers around the World

When I was a young boy, I saw a film at the local cinema featuring Alby Mangels.
For me the path was set, I too wanted to film my adventures around the world.
Well, I have done a bit of that, and what I like best about this experience, is the people I’ve meet along the way.

What we are seeing now is a cognitive surplus. For the first time in history the tools of filmmaking are affordable to all.

This means there is more content, more competition and with the proliferation of broadband, a broadcast medium other than television.

I suppose I have come to the realization, that I can continue marking out my own little scrap of territory on the net, competing for eyeballs with every other person on holiday with a video camera. Or I can collaborate with filmmakers around the world in what could be a wonderful win win situation for all involved.

I have produced enough videos for tourism business and regions, to know the dream of being paid to travel the world with video camera, is a global reality.

I’m currently editing a series I filmed in Vietnam. When this is complete, I wish to set off on a round the world trip and truly test my theories. I want to collaborate with local filmmakers, exploring ways to monetize travel video content and share income. First location visited will be New Zealand, in November.

I use to always think getting a long running program deal with a broadcaster would be the fantastic. Now I think, why not be my own broadcaster!

So this is what I want to explore. Any filmmakers, and that includes people interested in learning video production, who want to be involved in this project, Contact me

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