The Overlander becomes a Sailor!

It’s been a long held dream of mine to own a yacht and learn to sail. Unfortunately whenever I’ve crewed on other’s boats, things haven’t gone too well. The first time the yacht I was on, got beached for 6 days in Cuba and we had to sail round the Western side of the island with no motor or radio.

The second time I ended up crewing on a drug smuggling boat in Tahiti, but was luckily kicked off at Bora Bora, before their big Fiji arrest.

I was originally looking at acreage along the East Coast, but I felt the prices were unsustainable, so decided to look at alternative living spaces. With a yacht I get a mobile home that also allows me to learn new skills. Timber repairs, marine plumbing, electrical systems and hopefully, some sailing.

So say hello to SV Siquando, a 36 year old classic wooden 30 foot mast head sloop.

I’m been very lucky to have met a retired gent at the local yacht club that has offered to teach me to sail. Peter also looked over the Grand Old Dame and gave her a clean bill of health. We are thinking of putting together a how to sail video series called Krusty Old Seamen. Peter is still not that keen on the name 🙂

So I will be based in Yamba for a bit and will be offering video production services from Port Macquarie to the Sunshine Coast.

Hope you all had a safe festive season and look forward to sharing my new sailing adventures in some handy how to videos.

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3 thoughts on “The Overlander becomes a Sailor!

  1. What an awesome new year post!
    I am so happy for you.
    Thanks for giving me a huge smile ?.
    Thanks for being you!!

  2. Thanks Christian

  3. You walked the Camino once or twice. Now you will be sailing below the Milky WAy.Primero Dios

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