The Democratization of Media. Or why I love youtube

As a filmmaker, I have always been disappointed that I haven’t had an instant appraisal of my work, as musicians have during a live performance. I think youtube has changed all this.

I can upload a video to youtube, and be aware, within a couple of days, or even minutes, whether my video sucks or kicks ass, by the number of views, comments, favorites and ratings.

This is both fantastic, and annoying. Fantastic, in that, I can get some idea of what works and what doesn’t. Annoying in that commercial work, or even docos for broadcasters, just don’t cut it anymore. To do a project, that you put so much of your time into, and to get no response, no comments, nada, is just plain frustrating!

I want a reaction! Whether you hate it or love it, I want to know. There is nothing worst that producing something that doesn’t even receive a response!

And this is why I love youtube, because the audience encourages video producers, which has lead to a situation, I believe, where the content produced, is more eclectic and unique.

People are not afraid, to be themselves, and experiment with groundbreaking media content. Youtube is one big social experiment, with new creative voices rising to the top via the ratings system.

Originally people first made use of technology by broadcasting from their bedrooms via webcam. Thankfully ‘bedroom philosophers’ are taking their cams into the world, and producing original engaging content.

A couple of Australian producers I would like to make people aware of are: Wezz84, the angry fisherman and spaceboy productions

Each channel is unique in it’s content, answering to no one, but well aware, that if an episode sucks, they will know first!

What we see on television is such a glammed up version of reality. Lose weight, make more money, vote others out! It’s such a crock!

This is why I love youtube, real people, being themselves.

But still, why do you think this video is my most viewed video? Could it be the thumbnail featuring a blonde in a bikini!!

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