The Colours of Livingston, Guatemala – A perfect set for a Hollywood Blockbuster!

In the year 2000 the film O Brother, Where Art Thou? changed the way films look forever. It was the first film to use digital color correction to achieve a certain aesthetic. After this Hollywood adopted the complementary colour theory in a lot of their films. As most scenes have people as the main focus, they adopted an orange and teal mix so as the people in each scene would really ‘pop’ out. Once you see this in films, you can never un-see it! It has spread like a cancer, the orange sunbed tan like look on faces, the greenish tinge backgrounds.

I always wonder how certain locations develop their iconic colour schemes? The white and blue of the Greek Isles. The dull greys of the U.K. Livingston in Guatemala has some wonderful colours. The houses feature washed out blues, greens, purple and orange. All framed with the lush green of the tropical foliage and the ever present water.


It would be the perfect setting for a Bond or Bourne Adventure Movie, the colours working well with Hollywood’s orange and teal obsession. And there are five different cultural groups here, so you have your choice of villains.


There are old dilapidated hotels that would make great locations for fight scenes, and interesting cultural phenomena like the Black Jesus.



As I looked closer I realised the colours actually matched the colours of the environment, the tropical fruits, the flowers.




They are colours I like, they fit the environment. I have a theory that each landscape produces it’s own music. That the music of a land represents the vibrations or whatever of the land. I now have the same belief with regard to colours. We select colours, for our houses, our street scapes, that match our environment.


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