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Underwater Waterproof Camera Case Review

I review my Hyper-Gear Zoom Lens Camera Pouch http://www.hyper-gear.com/page2.aspx?p=59 I have been using this plastic case for all my underwater shots while snorkelling. The stills camera I use in the case is a Canon SX230 HS which I have found shoots great HD video. Music : Underwater – Martin Schulte + Eric Delay public domain […]

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Fire Twirler, Perhentian Island, Malaysia

I have been looking through my Perhentian Island footage and found this great shot of a fire twirler at a beach bar. I thought it was so good I’d decided to feature the whole performance. For camera buffs, filmed on xf100 with 1/12 shutter to enhance the flame blur.

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Perhentian Island, Malaysia – Next Destination

Thanks to new features on youtube, I don’t even have to get my camera out to make videos anymore! I envisioned this day, when the process of making videos would become automated. When all you need is a keyboard and something to say! But is does lack a certain human touch. I think I prefer […]

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