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Organic Farming – Managing weeds without herbicides

[p2p type=”slug” value=”organic-farming-going-organic-to-reduce-farm-debt” text=”Next – Going organic to reduce farm debt”] How to manage weed control in pastures without herbicides. Viv Burnett, a farming systems agronomist from the Victorian Agricultural Research Centre near Rutherglen, explains how weeds must be managed in the pasture phase by increasing grazing pressure, by mowing or by cutting hay and […]

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Organic Farming – Worm castings for fertilizer

[p2p type=”slug” value=”organic-farming-how-to-avoid-worms-in-cattle-organically” text=”Next – Avoiding worms in cattle”] How to use worm castings for fertilizer on a dairy farm. Stephen Whitstead of the Snowy Mountain Organic Dairy Farm near Cooryong, explains how to use manure and worm castings for fertilizer on pastures.

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Organic Farming – Dealing with worms in livestock organically

[p2p type=”slug” value=”organic-farming-organic-flour-mill-and-confectionery-how-to” text=”Next – Organic Flour Mill”] How to avoid drenching sheep and cattle for worms. Alan Druce of Green Grove Farm talks about the importance of rotating stock onto fresh paddocks and doing soil tests to ensure your soil has the right mineral composition to produce good grazing pastures

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