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Why make Travel Videos? Interviews with Youtube’s Top Travel Channels

I speak with Evan and Rachel of http://www.youtube.com/user/evannrachel They are expat American’s who have been living and teaching in South Korea for the last two years. We talk about the process of making travel videos and I ask them why they decided to start

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Business Profile Videos, How to make

Mark Shea of Overlander.tv is currently traveling the world, producing travel videos and exploring ways to make money while on the road. With the help of a local Malaysian Video Producer, Raj Singh, he will devise a system that any video producer, anywhere in the world, can use to make money doing videos to promote […]

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How to make a full time income on Youtube as a partner.

I have now been traveling for a month and the realities of filming and editing on the road are starting to set in. I already have a huge back log of videos to edit from Bali and I realise I need to change my style, doing videos I can turn out very quickly such as […]

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