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Avoiding Dog Bites and Rabies in Bali, Travel Video Guide

If you visit small villages in Bali you will discover nearly every family has a dog. And these dogs are not always accustomed to tourists! If you wish to explore these rural areas you will have to get use to dealing with dogs barking at you and approaching you with menacing intent . In this […]

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Organic farming – Avoiding the use of Nitrogen Fertilizer and Insecticides.

[p2p type=”slug” value=”organic-farming-a-different-view-on-weeds” text=”Next – a different view on weeds”] Nitrogen fertilizer and insecticides kill the bacteria needed to break down plant material. Bill Twigg of Bears Lagoon, Victoria runs sheep cattle and goats on 14,000 acres. He explains why he avoids using nitrogen fertilizer and insecticides on his property.

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