Watch, Plan, Visit! – The winning combo of Video, Business, Travel

globalI’ve been producing travel video content for over 10 years. I’m feeling the need to do more than just production. I wish to help others, video producers and tourism business, realize the full potential of travel content.

I’ve been working on something very big that I have been researching since I have been traveling.

I wish to develop two websites that will team travel videos, tourism business and video producers. will team destination and tourism business profile videos with a tourism booking engine for flights, hotels, tours, car rentals and travel insurance will allow tourism business to find local video producers to produce tried and tested business profile videos.

Both sites will work in together, with 2minprofile providing videos for

To fully understand the alchemic magic of video and tourism, read google’s recent study

Exciting times 🙂

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  1. Hi Mark

    This sounds very interesting and your website looks great. Can you please send me some more information?

    Best regards


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