So you want to travel the world, the lessons learnt 9.5 mths in!

At the start of my round the world travel video adventure I made a video talking about the 7 things I wanted to achieve on my trip. 9.5 mths in I look back on what I have achieved.

The seven goals were:
*To see the world
*To film the world
*To get paid to film the world
*To get fit
*To find a traveling partner
*To make a difference
*To find a home

And what have I learnt from my travels, to observe and not react, that my view of the word is determined by the way I was brought up and the culture I was raised in. And most importantly, ‘Without people you are nothing!’

Music: Lerax by Re-Drum, Album: It’s Better to Burn Out Than To Fade Away
Features quotes from:
The The – Slow Emotion Replay
Joe Strummer –

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2 thoughts on “So you want to travel the world, the lessons learnt 9.5 mths in!

  1. Good video Mark, I think your point about travelling in 6-8 week stints and then taking a break to catch up with editing and have a ‘normal’ life for a while is spot on. Its the only way to keep your mental energy and spark for long term travelling, otherwise you end up travelling by habit and just going through the motions …
    Haha yes finding that travel partner is a tough one with short stays and always on the move, but keep in touch with that ‘special’ one you find along the way and be prepared to drop your schedule for a while and do an ‘essential’ side trip to meet up and keep things ticking along, good luck!

  2. good point Andy on ‘essential’ side trip:)

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