Slice of Life – Los Angeles, Mr Hollywood

Steven C. Barber is your quintessential Hollywood producer. Fast talking, always closing, Steven could sell ice to the Eskimos!

Along with partner, Tamara Henry (Miss Arkansas USA 1997) they are television’s ultimate reality couple, having starred in not one, but fifteen different programs. Even their dog, Jimmy Chew has starred on television, bringing in $55,000 in endorsements.

In this video Steven tells us how he has managed to raise millions of dollars to produce documentaries on such diverse topics as war veterans and para-olympians. It’s easy says Steven, ‘Just google Billionaires!’

Just an average day in L.A!

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2 thoughts on “Slice of Life – Los Angeles, Mr Hollywood

  1. First off let me compliment your taste in clothes…nice cap and shirt. Secondly, I loved the sound of the cash register every time something was said that could be a harbinger of money to be made. As usual my friend…you have a way with people that makes it fun to just watch you do your job. You have great “people skills”.
    So, where you headed off to next? Still stateside for awhile? I’m leaving Massachusetts next month. On June 19th I’m heading out to either Southern California or bringing my belongings to Georgia. Anyways, keep going strong and I’ll talk with you soon.
    Oh, by the way…I have a Red Sox jersey for you.
    And one more thing:

  2. Billionaires are people too, you just have to get over your fear of thinking that you are somehow unworthy to talk to them and you can! Informative video man, loved it!

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