Mark Shea filming the 13th Baktun celebrations at Tikal Mayan Ruins, Guatemala
Mark Shea filming the 13th Baktun celebrations at Tikal Mayan Ruins, Guatemala

Mark Shea of has been producing videos since the mid 1990’s and can do all aspects of video production from script to screen.. His background has been in documentary, particularly travel related content. He works with lightweight video gear and prides himself on quick turnaround and being able to get the best out of those appearing in his videos. He has an uncanny knack of keeping up with social media trends and finding ways to get video found.

Current Services

Mark is currently in Yamba, Australia offering video production services from Coffs Harbour to Byron Bay.

A new concept I am setting up is ‘My Life Story’ whereby I interview 50yr+ people about their lives; to produce legacy videos ( documentaries from 5 to 30 minutes in length) and do reminiscence therapy interviews with those with early onset dementia and alzheimers.

Top 5 Tour Location Guides

Top5Tour video location guides handpick the best place to eat, drink, sleep, shop and what tour to do. Live video interviews are then done with the owners of each business featured to give viewers further information. Special features are also done whereby we highlight unique travel experiences at different destinations. If you are interested in getting a Top 5 Tour done for your town or region please contact me

2MinProfile Business Video Marketing

Mark believes he has cracked the code with regard to how to make a successful online video for your business. The format summarises the best of your business in a succinct 2 minute video. Contact Mark for more information

Mark Shea filming in North Korea
Mark Shea filming in North Korea

Mark’s experience includes:

*Producing several projects for the Australian National Broadcaster ABC, including one of the first online media projects (2003 – done in flash because bandwidth couldn’t handle video!)

*Producing numerous travel series in various countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Vietnam, Ireland, America, Central America and pretty much all of Asia. His favourite destinations include Cuba, Borneo and Ireland.

*Producing numerous online video tourism campaigns for various regions around Australia.

*Working with corporate clients to produce both one off and ongoing online media campaigns, including branded content.

*Developing a successful business profile format optimised for online video – 2minprofile.

*Working with government bodies producing videos related to such areas as staff training and providing community information

*Mark is a qualified trainer and have trained both individuals and groups in video production.

Mark can be contacted on 0474 307 707 or via email. He is currently located in Victoria.

*Google study showing how online video connects travel brands and consumers.