Reclaiming Detroit, One House At A Time!

I’m fascinated how neighbourhoods form, how different parts of a city attract different ethnicities or social classes and develop their own personality.

Dr Bob, a Chiropractor, bought a cheap house in a predominately black neighbourhood on the Detroit City side of 8 mile 15 years ago.

8 mile forms a racial and economic divide in Detroit. It’s kinda fascinating to see, never have I visited a place where things appear better the further out from the CDB you get!

On the CBD side of 8 mile, things are really fucked up; whole blocks of the city having only one or two houses, nature coming back with shoulder high grass and wild animals, burnt out shells of deserted houses, poverty, limited services such as transport, crime, crack houses, very few places to buy essentials like food.

Dr Bob saw opportunities, he bought the surrounding vacant blocks around his house, learnt to farm and put in the veggies. He set up a organic veggie cafe and healing centre.

Other people, encouraged by his lead, moved into the vacant deserted houses around him. He helped them, with water, food. A community formed, everyone watching out for each other

This is the rebirth of Detroit.

More info about Dr Bob

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1 thought on “Reclaiming Detroit, One House At A Time!

  1. Good to see that some people still have faith in Detroit. Good on Dr. Bob for sharing his water with those that had it shut off!

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