Overlander.tv new tv show

Ever had a dream to just travel the world?

On July 24th 2011 Aussie Filmmaker Mark Shea set off on a new journey with the goal to travel to each continent and make a living on the road.

Learning about culture, customs and beliefs via the ‘no guidebook’ method of travel, an itinerary based on finding local guides through online sites like couchsurfing.

Exploring the new international world of Digital Nomadism he will produce videos while on the road, using lightweight High Definition Equipment, and aims to survive solely on passive income made from his online ventures.

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2 thoughts on “Overlander.tv new tv show

  1. I appreciate the travel style. I stopped using a guidebook a while back and havent turned back. Too many lonely planets going around creating gringo trails. I prefer the combination of couchsurfing and meeting random people out and about on my solo travel journeys. Thanks for the video info. I am trying to learn but am terrible at it. Keep it up my man.


  2. Inspirational as always, Mark. Plenty of opportunity for content producers to create programming for niche audiences.

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