Online Travel Video Production and Advertising Opportunity in Australia

Youtube is the 500 pound Gorilla of online video. So it makes sense that it is also the place to put videos about your tourism business or region. As youtube is owned by google, there is the added bonus that youtube videos rank very highly in google search.

My time on youtube has taught me some valuable lessons with regard to what people like. By monitoring each video’s ratings, comments, views and the amount of times it has been added to a viewers favorites, I can assess exactly what format and type of story, within the ‘Meet a Local’ concept works. Youtube insight also provides viewer demographics such as sex, age, location.

I believe online video is now the new free to air tv, and that opportunities exist for business like never before. If you place an ad on television, it may well be viewed by 100,000 people, but of that 100,000, how many are actually interested in your product, 5%, 10%? With a niche youtube channel like mine, which features travel videos, I can be fairly certain, everyone who CHOOSES to watch or subscribe to my videos are interested in travel, and my videos are viewed globally.

So an exciting opportunity exists for a travel related company to promote their business or region with online video. This could include getting other local tourism operators to become involved and share the cost.

Teaming up with allows you to promote your business or region, on an already established, successful highly visible travel video channel which has spent the last year, adapting it’s programming to suit the online 3-5 minute format. This means your video will automatically place well in google search due to number of views and rankings.

Anyway, enough talk, Contact me for more information or give me a call on

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