Round the World Trip – One Season on the Road and what I have learnt.

I’m 12 weeks into my Round the World Trip. I now have some idea of what to expect in my quest to film the world and make money doing it.

My adsense revenue from youtube has not increased, so I am exploring other ways to make passive income while traveling. One exciting avenue is teaching other video producers how to make business profile videos.

I have had to change my filmmaking style to suit my traveling lifestyle, but despite the changes, I find I still have a backlog of films I will have to edit at some stage in the future.

I talk about the problems I have experienced on the road and how I have overcome them.

Any viewers who wish to travel the world themselves longterm, feel free to ask me any questions below.

Filmed on a Canon sx230 digital camera

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2 thoughts on “Round the World Trip – One Season on the Road and what I have learnt.

  1. Hello, my friend…first off let me apologize for not being in contact for so long. I have no excuse just a whole lot of “I’m sorry”. As usual, Mark, you do a top notch job even when it’s just you talking to the camera. 🙂 I can imagine it’s a tough go (money wise and all) so I was wondering if you could possibly accept any kind of donation? I for one would be happy to send what I could to help out…granted it wouldn’t be much but it would be my way of saying thanks for all the wonderful adventures you bring us on. If there was a way to cable you some money at certain stops along your trip would you be okay with that? I have enjoyed tremendously all the places you have taken us around the world. And I feel that a little contribution is a small price to pay for what you’ve treated us to. Anyways…just a thought. One more thing before I go…sorry about the Pies, mate…no worries though, they’ll take the Premiership next year. Take care my friend and stay safe. Talk with you soon.

  2. Hi Dan, Nice to hear from you. Thanks for the offer of the donation but I can’t accept it. One of the things I wish to explore on this trip is making money on the road. Part of the journey is experimenting with how to set that up. All is going well my friend.

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