Korean Dog Soup, Bosintang ???

I try a bowl of Bosintang -??? Korean Dog Soup.
What do viewers think, why do we find it ok to eat certain animals and not others?

As someone who grew up on a farm and experienced killing animals for food, I find it interesting that people have an issue with eating certain animals and not others. I think any person who eats meat should at some stage in their life kill an animal to eat. I know when I killed and prepared an animal to eat, I was inclined to eat less meat as it can be a distressing experience.

In South Korea a special breed of dog called the Nureongi (???) or Hwangu (??) are farmed and eaten.
More information on dog eating in Korea – http://askakorean.blogspot.com/2009/08/dog-its-whats-for-dinner.html

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1 thought on “Korean Dog Soup, Bosintang ???

  1. I thought most of the dog restaurants were pushed out in 1988 before the Seoul Olympics. Poshintang is also called “mung mung tang” with “mung mung” being the sound a dog makes. At least in Korea. Mung mung tang is almost an exact translation for bow wow chow.

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