Interactive Video – Welcome To The Future!

I’ve been studying interactive video, whereby the audience are given a choice with regard to what part of a story they watch next. I think it has huge potential for online learning and storytelling. Adding interaction to the big three sensory drivers of audience engagement in video: sight, sound, and motion.

The statistics on viewer engagement are through the roof! One study found that interactive commercials for example, produced a 300% increase in views, an 800% increase in shares on social media and a 90% increase in user engagement.

Other studies have found that interactive video leads to –

66% more engagement

44% longer viewing time

39% better tracking/understanding audience behaviour

So above is my attempt at producing an interactive video with relation to giving viewers more information with regard to my latest film. Instead of making one video, I made ten shorter videos covering different topics that are of interest to viewers with regard to my motorcycle trip. What do you think, is it the future?

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1 thought on “Interactive Video – Welcome To The Future!

  1. sounds like a very good idea, good luck!

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