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After three months in Europe, filming ‘In search for La Dolce Vita’ I’m now back in Australia with three projects in post production!

On recent trips I’ve become a fan of instagram. I hate the lack of landscape feature but find it’s ease of use one of it’s most compelling features. I can literally take a photo on my phone and in real time upload it immediately!

I recently been going through my 5000+ photos and thought I might share with you some of my favourites, to get your travel juices flowing! Here are 15 photos I’ve selected from around the world, hope you enjoy!

Bali – one of the most aesthetically beautiful places in the world!

Philippines – A surreal sunset at El Nido.

Japan – Neon Streetscape.

Borneo – My boy’s own adventure heading into the heart of Borneo in a canoe!

North Korea – The murals, the statues – it was all propaganda, but still amazing!

Cuba – Early morning street scene, Havana

Guatemala – Home of the most amazing ocean in a bowl soup, Tapado!

Cambodia – I felt great serenity at the temple of Prasat Bayon

Mexico – A shrine to Santa Muerte

Ireland – The rugged North West Coast – north of Galway

Luxembourg – the natural beauty of a region called Little switzerland

Italy – I went to some stunning parts of Italy, but the rawness of Naples impressed

United Kingdom – the warm embrace of a country Cornwall pub

France – The village of Lourmarin was like a movie set!

Australia – a sunny day, a motorcycle and a country lane = joy!

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2 thoughts on “Instagram Travel Photos

  1. So envious of you, my friend. You’ve taken all of us with you on your excursions around the world. And for all of the beauty you’ve shown us that exists on this planet…I say thank you, Overlander. Mark, you really do have a special talent and I honestly believe you were put on this earth to do exactly what you’re doing. Good on ya.

  2. Thanks Dan, appreciate your support

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