Homemade Electric Car – $8,000 D.I.Y.

Hobart local Warren ‘Boyler’ Boyles takes us for a ride in his D.I.Y. electric car converted from a 3 cylinder Daihatsu. He completed the conversion 8 years ago for an approximate cost of $8,900. He charges the car with both solar panels on the roof of his garage and mains power.

Technical information
Cells, cell electronics, charger
Cables, switches and all the rest

Useful EV Conversion Websites

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5 thoughts on “Homemade Electric Car – $8,000 D.I.Y.

  1. A very intelligent tradesman is Mr. Warren Boyles, he has shown us his skill strengths in this video.
    Perhaps he may take on a consultancy role to provide a purchasable construction strategy.
    Well Done Warren.

  2. Isn’t there a way to buy a “conversion kit” to do exactly what he has done here? Why is there not a lot more support for this – at one stage the government gave rebates to people for buying new cars! But I know what the politicians are afraid of – there will be fewer jobs for car mechanics as there is no need for servicing! We are a very short-sighted society 🙁

  3. added some links

  4. What a splendid bloke. It’s a great idea and im all for changing to electric. I WOULD change if i had the knowledge myself. THANKYou for a great interview.

  5. If you use my patent Air induction and storage system with a 2 battery system never stop to charge. Run on one while charging the other one switch back and forth.

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