Ever wanted to own an old mansion in Provence! Villa Saint-Louis

In Lourmarin, one of France’s most beautiful villages, we stayed at Villa Saint-Louis. It was a 17th Century coaching inn that fell into disrepair. The current owners bought it in 1988 and restored it to it’s former beauty, making it a unique guest house filled with art and antiques.

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4 thoughts on “Ever wanted to own an old mansion in Provence! Villa Saint-Louis

  1. My friend, you have the most amazing videos. I love the fact that you take us with you all around this beautiful world. There is one thing that I’ve wanted to say to you for some time now…..write a book, brother…..write a book somewhere down the line to go along with these videos that you’ve shot and these amazing travels that you’ve taken all over the world. You could do it, Mark. Of course, if you do write a book I’ll be expecting an autographed copy (wholesale not retail..HA!)

  2. Thanks Dan. A book may well be the next stage Dan

  3. Hi ! Very nice report, I’ve shared on my facebook page. You can see some photos that I’ve made of this nice place here :


  4. It’s my fave provencial village Dom!

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