Euro Summer Adventure


It’s official, will be heading to Europe for summer! We are very excited about the prospect of producing destination guides with the help of a local Luxembourg filmmaker.

Together we will produce a European travel series which will explore both
luxury experiences and local homegrown stories at each destination

We wish to explore the best Europe has to offer – accommodation, food,
tour, along with getting a picture of where Europe is now by
interviewing local people about local stories.

We are also looking into having some screenings of our Camino film. Leave a comment if you have any European story suggestions, or know of a venue to screen The Way.

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5 thoughts on “Euro Summer Adventure

  1. what happened to W.A. by bike?

  2. Hi Jeff, it will still happen, better and badder in 2016!

  3. Great article Jeff, reminded me of these travel tips from Paulo Coelho

  4. When you see that picture of Borat, it cannot be unseen … thanks a lot! 😛

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