EAT meat, DRINK beer, TALK shit, Tachinomiya Bars in Osaka, Japan

Visit a Tachinomiya Bar in Osaka, a standing bar that offers cheap drinks and snacks, (partially due to cheaper taxes on bars with no seats) for hardworking Japanese heading home from work.

Goes to show wherever you visit in the world men love to eat meat, drink beer and talk crap 🙂

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4 thoughts on “EAT meat, DRINK beer, TALK shit, Tachinomiya Bars in Osaka, Japan

  1. Howdy!
    Really like the attitude throughout all your vids on this trip!
    If you come through Houston on your journey, drop me a line. You’ll see how we do this shit in Texas! Good Journey,

  2. Love to, thanks for your comments

  3. What route do plan? Are you feeling East?…West…or are you going to say “hell with it” and flip a coin?
    I was curious also are you intent upon doing every
    continent, or are you going to kind of just make a circle around the globe? -M

  4. After Korea, china, north korea, Laos, cambodia, thailand and then across to india, the middle east and europe, then down through africa, across to sth america, up thru central american, the us and then canada

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