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The Australian leg of the ‘Meet a Local’ Series is now available online in downloadable format.

Learn about popular Australian tourist destinations by meeting a local person and discover why they like living where they do.

The series is broken up into half hour programs and is a fantastic gift for those wishing to visit Australia, or those wishing to show the folks back home exactly what Australia and Australians are all about.

The downloadable videos are in quicktime .mov format and are roughly around 300mb in size. The videos have been optimized so as they will look fantastic on your widescreen television. Despite being in a compressed format, the quality is spectacular.

I have decided to offer downloadable videos because they are the greenest way to watch media. There is no need to produce or post anything, and you can be watching a download within minutes, depending on your internet connection.

Love to hear your comments, what location most appealed to you, who was the most interesting character?

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