Detroit – Why the Shit Hit the Fan and How Art may Save it!

Jon Chezick of Detroit Experience Factory talks about why the shit hit the fan in Detroit and how art, in the form of the Heidelberg Project, is bringing tourism, artists and art education back to Detroit.

The Heidelberg Project is actively engaged in three main areas.

Art and Education: We work to ensure students continue to receive art as a key component in their educational experience by conducting various art education programs at schools throughout Michigan. ACE2, Art, Community and Environmental Education, is our pilot program.

Community Development:
Our Cultural Village (community development) project begins with the House That Makes Sense Center (HTMS), a headquarters and multi-purpose space, made from found and recycled materials. The HTMS will include an exhibition space, artist-in-residence space, children’s workshop, a library and more.

Tourist Destination:
The Heidelberg Project receives over 275,000 visitors annually. To learn more about the Heidelberg Project, contact us to schedule a tour and check out our Research + Resources section.

Detroit Experience Factory lead guided tours throughout one of America’s greatest post-industrial cities, celebrate some of its best kept secrets, explore its many weird and wonderful localities (all 143 square miles of them), and share our two cents on everything from where to find a doggy daycare to where to buy your groceries.

Whether you’ve been around long enough to remember the Hudson’s downtown, or you’re just here to try the infamous Coney dogs, the truth is, there are more than a few myths about this enigmatic city we call home.

As unapologetic know-it-alls, we’re here to give you an insider’s perspective. But the first step is seeing it with your own eyes.

Are you a foodie looking for the best Shawarma in town? An architecture geek with a love for Daniel Burnham buildings?A history buff curious about the Great Fire of 1805? Or perhaps you’re a recent transplant just wondering where to go on a Friday night. Check, check and check mate. We’ve got a DXF experience for you. Our guides live, work, play and breathe Detroit. Put simply, we’re Detroiters who know Detroit.

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1 thought on “Detroit – Why the Shit Hit the Fan and How Art may Save it!

  1. Thanks to videos like this one we learn the truth of what is going on in real life. I think the Heidelberg project is not only great but a brilliant idea!! Definitely, this would be a place to visit if i am in Detroit. Thanks for sharing The footage Overlander.

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