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Videos featuring cities or regions, usually from the eyes of a local

New Australian Travel Project

As many of you would know, I have been involved in travel video production for quite a while. I recently took a trip to New Zealand to test a new concept I’ve devised called Top 5 Tour – handpicked location guides that provide tourists with succinct, honest information about the best place to eat, drink, […]

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Destination Guides from Around the World

50 Videos featuring travel information on cities or regions. To see playlist of all videos, click on playlist link in the top left hand corner of video player.

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North Korea is open for tourism

Listening to the news, watching hatchet job videos on youtube, anyone would believe North Korea was a dangerous place to visit. I myself as a travel video producer was a little concerned before entering, afraid my camera equipment would be confiscated at the border. Instead what I found was a country just starting to open […]

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Australia Travel and Tour – Nimbin

[p2p type=”slug” value=”australia-travel-and-tour-a-song-for-backpackers” text=”Next – A song for Backpackers”] In Nimbin, the alternative capital of Australia, Mark interviews Michael Balderstone about what makes Nimbin so unique.

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Cairns, Australia, Travel Video Guide

In Cairns I interviewed Peter Stokes from Cairns Dive Centre. Peter has been involved in the dive industry for the last 15 years. We discussed why Cairns is such a dive mecca. Fantastic underwater shots courtesy of Nembrotha Diving. I also took in a night out at well known backpacker party place, ‘the Woolshed’ and […]

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