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How to buy Korean Red Ginseng, the products available.

I join Dr Choi of the Korean Society of Ginseng for a tour around a local Geumsam Ginseng shop to see what Ginseng products are available to buy. Ginseng is available in extract form, as a drink, as a tea, in capsules, as slices with honey and in whole root form. We discuss the prices […]

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Geumsam Ginseng Market, Interview with Dr Choi about Health Benefits of Korean Ginseng

I visit with Geumsam Ginseng Market with Dr. Kwang – Tae Choi, former president of the Korean Ginseng Society. Geusam is the main region of South Korea where Ginseng is grown. Dr Choi talks about some of the proven health benefits of Ginseng. Some of the benefits of Ginseng include anti – fatigue, antioxidant, improves […]

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How to use Chopsticks, the middle finger method

Giving the Bird to improper chopstick use! Our delightful and delectable Seoul host Minji, teaches us how to use chopsticks. She believes the middle finger is the key to correct chopstick control. Willing and eager student Mark tests out Minji’s methods with some interesting results.

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Korean BBQ – No Carb Caveman Weight Loss Diet

Cook-it-yourself Korean BBQ is my favourite aspect of Korean Cuisine. Samuel Jeffery of and I share a BBQ and explain how it follows the no carbs Paleolithic or Caveman diet, that is encompassing foods similar to that of what cavemen ate before humans started farming. The Caveman diet doesn’t include grains and is suppose […]

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