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The two streams of Travel Video – Technological and Personal

Can I be honest with you! I don’t watch a lot of travel videos! Mainly because I spend too much time making them! But when I do, I like looking at where things are going. I believe there are two current streams in the travel realm – the technology stream and the personal stream. I’m […]

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Travel Vloggers and Travel Business – How to use online video

I had a fascinating conversation with a mate’s son recently. He is 11 years old, a tween, and a big user of social media and youtube in particular. He told me of his favourite youtube travel channels, and in the process, opened my eyes to a whole next generation of travel vloggers. These Millennials grew […]

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The Americas – New Travel Video Trip

It’s been nearly a year since I unceremoniously ended my 21 month journey around Asia and Central America. The journey, which took in 16 countries really gave me, in particular, a better understanding of Australia’s place in Asia. And this is why I do it, I need to see and understand the world, and unfortunately, […]

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Social Media Popularity vs Producing content for niches with passion

After ten months on the road I’ve taken a well earned break to catch up on some editing. Well, the plan was to catch up on some editing, what I’ve actually found myself indulging in one of my favourite pastimes…research. I’ve finally had time to watch online videos, read books, study successful people and companies. […]

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Digital Nomads – Travel Videos –

Travel Blogger, Samuel Jeffery of interviews Traveling Filmmaker, Mark Shea of http://www.overlander, getting tips on how to make videos, how to interview people and what gear to use.

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I don’t pay enough attention to my blinkx channel, it’s like the well performing student the teacher leaves alone because they get the work done. Blinkx, the world’s largest and most advanced video search engine performs just as well in ad revenue for as does youtube, and minus the hassles such as getting videos […]

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Why make Travel Videos? Interviews with Youtube’s Top Travel Channels

I speak with Evan and Rachel of They are expat American’s who have been living and teaching in South Korea for the last two years. We talk about the process of making travel videos and I ask them why they decided to start

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Convergence, whereby the internet can be used on televisions will mean huge changes for the broadcast industry. It means advertiser will finally have all the statistics on hand to see how well television advertising works. Youtube is currently the biggest ‘television’ station in the the world. Google wants it to stay that way and for […]

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Ever had a dream to just travel the world? On July 24th 2011 Aussie Filmmaker Mark Shea set off on a new journey with the goal to travel to each continent and make a living on the road. Learning about culture, customs and beliefs via the ‘no guidebook’ method of travel, an itinerary based on […]

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An Introduction to’s Travel Videos

An introduction to’s travel videos curated by travel filmmaker Mark Shea. These 10 videos represent my favourite locations and interviews from around the world.

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