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My classic wooden yacht tour – an alternative home to beat the overheated Australian property market

My yacht is called Siquando, which translates to “if when; at what time” in Latin and “Yes When” in Italian. The answer is always now! Which is maybe a good way to live life, considering sooner or later we all make the little flowers grow! She is a 9 mtr (30 ft) masthead sloop, cold […]

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The Overlander becomes a Sailor!

It’s been a long held dream of mine to own a yacht and learn to sail. Unfortunately whenever I’ve crewed on other’s boats, things haven’t gone too well. The first time the yacht I was on, got beached for 6 days in Cuba and we had to sail round the Western side of the island […]

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Sailing the Caribbean – Night Sailing and New Crew

We do a big run up the Mexican Coast, 26 hours of sailing, travelling through the night, doing 200 nautical miles. We also take on two new crew, two Canadian Lasses.

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