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So you want to travel the world, the lessons learnt 9.5 mths in!

At the start of my round the world travel video adventure I made a video talking about the 7 things I wanted to achieve on my trip. 9.5 mths in I look back on what I have achieved. The seven goals were: *To see the world *To film the world *To get paid to […]

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The Apocalyptic Equatorial Visions of Dr. Overlander Esq.

Do subliminal messages work? What do you feel after watching this 18 sec assault on your senses? Featuring all the imagery tricks of advertising; sex, war, death and beauty. Dr. Overlander lets loose from his secret bunker in the tropics, sending you 1 frame messages of Christmas cheer and good will. Music – Careful with […]

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An uncluttered world, what to do once you cut the bounds of the rat race?

This is a lovely short film, a beautiful marriage of sound, image and emotion. I have found my uncluttered world in the freedom of living out of a backpack. But… what then? What drives one to do anything? “What man actually needs is not a tensionless state but rather the striving and struggling for a […]

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