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How to Market your own Tourism Business with Video.

As you can tell from the photo above, I’ve been involved in video for quite a while. The camera featured is the Canon XL-1, a three-CCD standard definition camcorder made from 1997 to 2001. It cost twice as much as my car at the time. Most phones today produce video of better quality than the […]

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Travel Vloggers and Travel Business – How to use online video

I had a fascinating conversation with a mate’s son recently. He is 11 years old, a tween, and a big user of social media and youtube in particular. He told me of his favourite youtube travel channels, and in the process, opened my eyes to a whole next generation of travel vloggers. These Millennials grew […]

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Convergence, whereby the internet can be used on televisions will mean huge changes for the broadcast industry. It means advertiser will finally have all the statistics on hand to see how well television advertising works. Youtube is currently the biggest ‘television’ station in the the world. Google wants it to stay that way and for […]

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How to make a full time income on Youtube as a partner.

I have now been traveling for a month and the realities of filming and editing on the road are starting to set in. I already have a huge back log of videos to edit from Bali and I realise I need to change my style, doing videos I can turn out very quickly such as […]

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Youtube Travel Videos, Five Fabulous Success Stories

In this article I wish to look at five online travel video success stories and offer prospective filmmakers examples of how they too can get paid to travel the world with their video cameras. Getting paid to travel the world In 1760 Samuel Johnson said of travel writing,“Every writer of travels should consider that, like […]

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How NOT to use Online Video Marketing for Tourism Regions and the Travel Industry, Expensive Australian Failures.

So how does a tourism region produce a video that rises above the 48 hours of video uploaded to youtube every minute, and harness some of the 3 billion eyeballs watching each day? Australian travel video producer Mark Shea outlines how to run a successful online video campaign using Australian Tourism and Travel examples There […]

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Downloadable Travel Videos at

The Australian leg of the ‘Meet a Local’ Series is now available online in downloadable format. Learn about popular Australian tourist destinations by meeting a local person and discover why they like living where they do. The series is broken up into half hour programs and is a fantastic gift for those wishing to visit […]

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How to make Travel Videos.

I’ve been asked to write some articles for travel portal, the traveler’s notebook. The first article, which was an interview, by a journalist friend, has been published and can be viewed here. Sounds great doesn’t it, being paid to travel the world with your camera, filming exotic locales and meeting interesting people. But what is […]

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The Democratization of Media. Or why I love youtube

As a filmmaker, I have always been disappointed that I haven’t had an instant appraisal of my work, as musicians have during a live performance. I think youtube has changed all this. I can upload a video to youtube, and be aware, within a couple of days, or even minutes, whether my video sucks or […]

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Dark Side of the Rainbow

I think if I was to name my favorite album of all time, I would have to say it is Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon‘. It’s an album I just keep coming back to. It’s got a timeless quality about it. The Album features in the Guinness Book of Records for being in […]

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