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Instagram Travel Photos

After three months in Europe, filming ‘In search for La Dolce Vita’ I’m now back in Australia with three projects in post production! On recent trips I’ve become a fan of instagram. I hate the lack of landscape feature but find it’s ease of use one of it’s most compelling features. I can literally take […]

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Possessed by the Devil, Kuching, Borneo

In Kuching , Sarawak, Borneo I visited a Taoist Temple where they perform a ceremony whereby someone is possessed by the Master of Hell and can answer questions people have. I got the chance to ask some questions, and to test the validity, tried to trick the Devil! My trick question didn’t prove anything either […]

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The Last Iban Shamen – Sarawak, Borneo

Australian filmmaker Mark Shea visits Sarawak, Borneo to interview the last Iban Shamen in his remote jungle hut. The Iban were the headhunters of old. Thanks to Nicholas Mujah for organising the interview and my interpreter Ang Francesca

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Exploring Malaysia

The sheer number and diversity of attractions on offer make a Malaysian holiday one of the most difficult to plan if time is limited. Choices range from viewing a sunrise atop what was until recently the tallest twin buildings in the world, to trekking through the rainforest and experiencing orangutans in the wild, climbing Mount […]

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