Business Profile Videos – The 2minprofile formula

The 2minprofile format for business profile videos provides a structure to online business profiles that works well online because it personalises a business by capturing the passion of business owners and/or captures honest testimonials from happy customers.

We finish the edit for Raj Singh’s business profile video and discuss the need to add a ‘call to action’ to the video so as the success of the video, in regard to sales, can be measured. We also discuss how to get the video found online in search by using keywords.

Raj has been approached by a business wanting a video produced and Mark discusses with Raj the interview techniques Raj can use to put the video together. Mark pushes that Raj must centre his questions on capturing what customers get out of the business experience or product. He also gives Raj tips with regard to how to capture business owners passion in an interview and ensure their answers are short enough for an 2 minute video.

Finally Raj talks about how he found the whole experience of producing a video using the 2minprofile format.!/2minprofile

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