Branded Travel Video Content – The best online marketing solution

Branded content (where the marketing is not “heavy handed” and is “almost a bi-product”) is the most effective form of online marketing according to a October 2010 report by the CMO Council.

The future of branded content by goviral in Cannes 2010

Most people are not aware that travel programs on television almost exclusively feature branded content. That is, all the tours, motels and restaurants highlighted, have actually paid for the privilege.

This can lead to an extremely dull viewing experience, where everything the presenters review has to be seen in a flattering light. This is not a realistic travel experience!

In the online arena, viewers want honesty, they want to know the people behind the business, their passions and what differentiates them from the crowded tourism marketplace. have established themselves as one of youtube’s top performing travel channels. Our videos use a documentary style format whereby we feature local business people as experts in their field, providing viewers with information as to why they should visit their regions.

An opportunity exists for progressive businesses, working in the tourism sector, to feature on To either personally promote their business in a short business profile video, or to feature as a short segment in’s successful ‘Meet a Local’ location guides.
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1 thought on “Branded Travel Video Content – The best online marketing solution

  1. Maya seems a genuinely nice person and Auckland looks beautiful. That’s the kind of place I’d like to visit sometime. You’ve got me wanting to travel more and more. Everytime I watch your vids I get an itch to start wandering. Damn it…2011 will be the year! If I don’t do it this coming year I most likely never will. I have to get my ass in gear. Oh, one more thing…couldn’t help but notice what a fine wardrobe you were sportin’ around the 3:34 mark. Way to go…lookin’ good in the Paul Pierce Celtics shirt and the Patriots cap. hahaha..also…I dig Felix the Cat.

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