Melbourne, Eat See Do – A tour for Michele

I made a film a while back, about walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain. It seems to have had quite an effect on people, as pretty much every week I receive messages from around the world thanking me for the film.

One such thank you came from Luxembourg, a young women who also worked in the audiovisual field, as an editor. She asked me if I wanted to make a film with her, and as I’d just finished a big contract in Australia, and winter was fast approaching, I said yes! I spent 3 glorious months exploring Europe, including making a film in Italy!

Now luxembourgish lass has never visited Australia, but I’m sure one day she will.


I was recently asked to make a series of videos around Australia featuring different destinations and something to Eat, See and Do. At the 11th hour the project was put on hold, and having already organised my three things to do in Melbourne, I decided to go ahead with filming and dedicate my tour video to Michele, for when she does finally get to visit!

Eat – Tipo 00
See – Melbourne Laneways tour
Do – Intro to Whiskey class

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1 thought on “Melbourne, Eat See Do – A tour for Michele

  1. Melbourne is always a great place to visit, some of my friends who live there tell me how much they like it. Thanks for sharing the video, most blogs we get to read, but you have shared it in video form which is just cool 🙂

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