Day: January 7, 2016

Riding a Vespa along the Amalfi Coast – In search of la dolce vita promo

Another preview from our upcoming feature film ‘In search of la dolce vita’ This has to be one of the world’s top ‘bucket list’ motorcycle trips, riding a vespa along the Amalfi coast. The italian guys at the end say: First guy: “We are simple people,and we give this simplicity to everyone” Second guy: “The […]

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Melbourne, Eat See Do – A tour for Michele

I made a film a while back, about walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain. It seems to have had quite an effect on people, as pretty much every week I receive messages from around the world thanking me for the film. One such thank you came from Luxembourg, a young women who also worked […]

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Lake Como, Villa Monastero – In search for La Dolce Vita preview

Another little teaser clip from our upcoming feature film, ‘In search for La Dolce Vita’ Villa Monastero was originally a Cistercian convent dedicated to St. Mary Magdalen founded before 1200 AD. It was then purchased by a noble family in 1567, who developed the magnificent botanical gardens made up of over 1000 species including citrus, […]

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