Day: June 23, 2012

Geumsam Ginseng Market, Interview with Dr Choi about Health Benefits of Korean Ginseng

I visit with Geumsam Ginseng Market with Dr. Kwang – Tae Choi, former president of the Korean Ginseng Society. Geusam is the main region of South Korea where Ginseng is grown. Dr Choi talks about some of the proven health benefits of Ginseng. Some of the benefits of Ginseng include anti – fatigue, antioxidant, improves […]

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Australian Tourism Video Marketing – Tasmania vs Victoria

I’m happy to announce, the little battler in the South, the island State of Tasmania, has come up trumps in the latest round to Tourism Video Marketing. My home state, Victoria, on the other hand, still won’t listen to industry advice, and continues to churn out expensive, irrelevant video campaigns that quickly disappear into the […]

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