Write your own Memoir Workshop – Yamba

Do you feel you have some great stories to share, but don’t know where to start? I was the same, I had a book idea but didnt know how to finish it. So I researched the techniques of successful writers. I read about brain hacks to help keep me motivated and develop a daily writing habit. I discovered formulas that helped me find the overriding theme of my book and outlines for each chapter. I then accessed modern technology to help streamline the storytelling process. I realised by setting myself a 30 day time limit, I could get my first draft complete.

There will never be a perfect time to write your book. It requires a daily concerted effort. But it need not be a chore. I believe the techniques I have learnt, will help you not only complete the first draft of your life stories, but also allow you to enjoy the whole process. I welcome you to join our group on the 29th January 2021 to participate in our 30 day book writing challenge.

Friday sessions from 10am-2pm. Treelands Drive Community Centre. Cost: $250

Book your ticket now.Only ten places available.

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