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With the new year fast approaching I have narrowed down the four things, the four pillars, that will concentrate on in the year to come.

World Travel – I’ve been on the road for five months now and I suppose one thing I have realised is that I can’t do everything and neither do I really want to.
With long term travel, there has to be some time to ‘stop and smell the roses’. Doing things at a frenetic pace may mean missing the nuances of place.
I have time, I want to enjoy it, just see where the wind blows, not run around like a blue ass fly, ticking items off a list.
So I’m currently narrowing down the things I am passionate about seeing, doing, experiencing. Because if I’m enjoying the experience, you’re enjoying my videos. Passion is contagious.

Online Video – Despite the recent hiccup with youtube algorithm changes halving my adsense income, I still believe in online video.
Why? Because it provides measurable statistics which allow producers to know exactly what works and is the best way to reach a global audience.
After all these years, I still sometimes get a buzz out of being creative and still enjoy exploring different styles and formats. I still haven’t found a structure that best fits ‘on the road’ editing and don’t know if I really want to be pigeonholed into providing one format in my own travel adventures. I want to keep evolving and changing and enjoying experimentation with form and style.

Digital Nomadism – I am exploring world travel as a lifestyle choice. I am learning the pros and cons of this way of life and have already experienced one major difficulty of solo travel; the fleeting friendships and longing for deeper relationships.
The longer I travel the more adept I hope to become in dealing with life on the road. I hope to document some of these experiences in video.

Tourism Marketing – I have no one funding this trip and one of my chief aims is to explore ways to make money on the road. I wish to use my skills and knowledge of online video marketing to help tourism bodies promote their regions in ways that people respond to, that is, with complete honesty, showing the good and the bad. It takes brave operators to accept this power shift to the consumer.
Part of this push is the formation of a new website Two Minute Profile whereby I will provide business and video producers a tried and tested profile video structure that can be used globally.

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  1. Pray it all work out as you plan it.wishing you all the best with this one.

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