Wheeled Backpack Review, Best of Both Worlds

I look for two things in a backpack, durability and design, and I have found Australian Company, Caribee come up spades in both areas. I recently got a new backpack, the Caribee Skymaster 80. I needed something that both had wheels and backpack straps. My previous pack was a Caribee purchased in 2003 and still going strong. But I needed to get some weight off my back, so needed something with wheels.

Caribee’s Skymaster Series are one of the most advanced wheeled travel packs currently available world wide.

Light weight, innovative, stylish and environmentally friendly, these packs are made from recycled polyester materials such as plastic bottles, containers, fabric off cuts and worn out garments. Using recycled materials lessens the need for oil, helps reduce waste in landfills and soil contamination than if virgin polyester was used.

The packs have a 3 year warranty for workmanship and materials.

Caribee Skymaster 80 wheeled backpack

Caribee Toiletry Wrap

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  1. Looking at buying 1 or 2 of these bags. Just wondering how your bag is after 1 year of use. Would you buy the same again. Also. When you fully pack it. How much does it typically weight.

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