What’s new in 2017 for OverlanderTV – Living in Cuba

Exciting plans underway at OverlanderTV. I’m moving to Cuba to initially set up a media production and tourism business. I don’t want to say too much about my plans at the moment, apart from telling you I have purchased the domain name www.ourmanincuba.info and will be posting further information there in the near future.

I don’t think there is a more exciting country to be in at the moment than Cuba. It is a country in transition and statistics say tourism for example, could grow from three million visitors a year to five million. I’m really fascinated to see how this transition pans out and will definately journal my experiences.

Aesthetically Havana was one of the most beautiful cities I have visited and I found the people to have a proud independent nature that I admired.

Here is a short video I made on a previous sailing trip to Havana in 2012 –

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6 thoughts on “What’s new in 2017 for OverlanderTV – Living in Cuba

  1. Cool idea man. Might visit you there sometime

  2. Great promo, Mark

  3. Look forward to following your posts Mark. Hope it all works out well.

  4. Congrats Mark
    Sounds exciting
    I know Canadians are a Big part of that 3M tourists visiting and the Americans are about to land in a BIG way too
    Would be interested in keeping in touch re Tourist and Investment and Real Estate Opportunities so feel free to keep in touch as I’m a Connector here in Toronto, Canada and more that happy to explore opportunities for us to work together
    May 2017 be your best ever
    PS: I also publish books and print books at the best price in North America for short run book printing .. you definitely have another book in you .. lets chat if interested http://PrintingIcon.com

    Ash Silva

  5. exciting !

  6. All the best, Mark! ‘Carpe Diem’! Perfect time I think.

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