What is Backpack Filmmaking?

bikeOverlander.tv is an ambitious project whereby Filmmaker Mark Shea will attempt to travel the world, alone, and film, edit and broadcast online, short mini docs, from different locales. Backpack Filmmaking is:

-lightweight broadcast quality gear that can fit in a backpack

-one person crew, one person doing it all. sourcing stories, conducting interviews, filming footage, editing stories and preparing for online screening.

-quick story turnaround, short and sweet educational portraits of people and places

-character based studies ‘meet the locals’, real people, real stories

-premise that the internet is the medium of the future, and that where possible, videos are offered free to all, with income generated by sponsorship, acquisition and advertising.

-projects edited ‘on the road’ using laptop computers

27 kilos on the back-totally independent, no censorship, but family friendly. Films must be genuine and honest, must not pander to advertisers, but please the viewer and use humor to laugh off difficulties.

  • Work on the premise that, despite cultural differences, we are all one big family. We never insult or poke fun at those we interview, the joke is only ever on us, and we always search out the positive where possible.

-Honesty in filmmaking means a filmmaker must not be afraid to express their innermost feelings, fears and desires, regardless of ridicule.

-Strong focus on positive environmental stories around the globe

-Where possible use indigenous music and musicians for the soundtrack.

-Have a ‘lucky’ filmmaker’s Hat, the more ridiculous the better. A real icebreaker when meeting new people.

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