Using video to promote your business : Forget Viral, Quantity Wins!

I recently received a pair of Blundstone hiking boots to wear in my travel videos. Blundstone have a long history in Australia of producing tough work boots. Although they did not request me to make a video about their new hikers, I decided to have a bit of fun and put together a short video.

Unfortunately, my attempt at humour bombed! The video has received only a handful of views.

Having this video fail made me think about online video marketing strategies for business.

I think there is too much emphasis on a video ‘going viral’ and business should instead concentrate on establishing an ongoing dialogue with their customers with videos that provide customers with straight forward honest information about their products.

Most business don’t have the large marketing budgets of multinationals and would be surprised to know that a lot of marketing videos that do go viral, get a large helping hand by unscrupulous methods such as purchased views.

I think a better strategy for business is to not rely on the success of just one video, but instead, to make a series of videos informing customers about such things as new products and upcoming events.

One company that is doing things well with video is Caribee. They make luggage and camping accessories.

I use Caribee backpacks and did a product review of their wheeled backpack while I was travelling. The video has done well and it is great to see that Caribee have started doing their own ‘in house’ videos.

I spoke with Managing Director Matthew Seve about Caribee’s online video marketing strategy.

1) Have you had an increase in sales due to your video marketing?

We haven’t noticed much change yet, but we are certainly getting a lot of positive feedback from our customers/retailers saying that it is helpful with sales and the consumer education of Caribee products. This is especially so with the online retailers, who say that the products with videos definitely sell better. (this still relies heavily on the brand/product though – as a crap product will still be crap no matter what you do to sell it.)

2) What made you decide to produce your own videos?

The increased amount of product reviews showing up on line for all types of products made us feel we need to put forward an official version highlighting the facts, before a backyard review gets posted claiming the product is made from something that it is not, does something it can’t, etc. We also feel it gives a starting point for independent reviews, once consumers see the manufactures “base line” claims and features., they can them make their own judgment.

3) How did you go about making your own videos, did you do it in house or did you hire production staff?

All in house – you will notice that we have played around with the back grounds, lighting and sound etc. There are quite a number of different quality levels, but we now feel we are getting to a level that is acceptable to be shown as “official”. Sound quality was the biggest struggle for us.

4) Do you view the exercise as a marketing success? Will you continue making videos?

Whilst we have no data on whether this is a success, online is not going away, and we feel that we need to keep advancing with the way people research their products. These product reviews will receive more focus from us as the year progresses.

Caribee are not after a one off ‘viral’ video hit! Their aim is to provide clear and concise information about their products. They are aware that over time, their catalogue of online videos will help position them as an innovator in their industry.

They provide a great example to business of how to use video to help promote products.

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