The two streams of Travel Video – Technological and Personal

Can I be honest with you! I don’t watch a lot of travel videos! Mainly because I spend too much time making them! But when I do, I like looking at where things are going. I believe there are two current streams in the travel realm – the technology stream and the personal stream. I’m strongly in the personal stream, and I believe success on youtube is related to this stream. Maybe in certain segments of the travel realm (millennials), things have gone a little too ‘beatlemania’ but I suppose for those outside that scene, it just shows what a powerful medium online video has become. The cult of personality still drives popularity! But as technology puts amazing image quality in more and more hands, many tourism boards see using the latest and greatest as the best way to promote their region. So I’d like to share some recent videos I watched that show examples of both streams

Technology Stream

There are two countries where you can be sure to see cutting edge tourism promos – Canada and Australia. By this I don’t mean they are necessarily good, just that these two countries have the huge budgets to give marketing managers the chance to go all Napoleon on yo ass.

Australia, particularly Queensland, like to go ‘survivor’ mode, making the next generation of filmmakers show their social media prowess in ‘vote for me’ competitions. Essentially flawed and open to deception I’m not really a big fan of this method. It gets a lot of traffic at the start, with people trying to win the prize, but then drops off, because who wants to watch videos of someone who essentially beat you in a competition!

Canada on the other hand want to show they are on the edge of the latest and greatest technology has to offer (the USA :), and here is there latest offering –

And now, for what is claimed to be the best travel video of 2014, using technology to it’s full capacity. One day robots will be able to make such films, or at least human operated flying drones!

Watchtower of Turkey from Leonardo Dalessandri on Vimeo.

Personable Stream

To understand the personable, a bloody long interview with Australia’s biggest female youtube star, and America’s cleverest branded content producers. Just click on the link, and listen to the’s just radio on youtube!

So if you listened to the interview you will understand that a) youtube stars understand what works; personality and connectivity, and b) when Australia’s top female youtuber can’t get a reply from tourism boards, most tourism brand managers and marketing managers really have no idea!

But the fact that Natalie is now producing travel content, after being free of university, gives one some idea of the insights she gained working with lonely planet as to the great opportunities video offers the tourism industry.

So we have entered a very interesting period in the history of travel and online video. I kind of feel we have entered a real wild west gold rush time, and to listen to online video’s best snake oil salesmen below is exciting, it’s hard not to believe the hype! But I have the feeling no one really knows where things are going and it reminds me a little of the dot com bubble. And I get the feeling investing in a youtube network will lead to the same outcome.

One thing is for sure, online video is here to stay for the trillion dollar tourism industry and the industry can best learn from youtube’s successful operators – use technology where possible but most importantly, keep it personable and entertaining.

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1 thought on “The two streams of Travel Video – Technological and Personal

  1. I understand your point Mark. We see many travel videos using technology and still being personal. We adore travel movies and made it our goal to help video producers to be found and recognised for their experiences, skills and creativity.

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