Tucson, El Tiradito – The Shrine of the Backdoor Man

Photographer, Raechel Running, resident of Barrio Viejo, Tucson, talks about a shrine dedicated to the unforgiven.

El Tiradito – ‘The Castaway’ is the only shrine in the United States dedicated to the soul of a sinner buried in unconsecrated ground.

The many legends about its origin all involve a tragic love triangle occurring in the early 1870’s.

So the story goes, a man was caught with another man’s wife and killed and buried at the scene of the crime.

This video gives one an idea of how Mexican lore and culture have a large influence of the South West of the United States.

Check out Raechel’s amazing photos

1 thought on “Tucson, El Tiradito – The Shrine of the Backdoor Man

  1. Very moving … so many people have suffered the hurt of being unforgiven by people in their family or elsewhere. Having a shrine dedicated to this is truly powerful in my opinion.

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