Travelling Tips – How to make sure kids have a good time during family holidays


There’s no better way to spend quality time with the family than through travelling with them. This is why, even with our busy schedules at work, we make it a point to squeeze in some time to bond with the kids, especially since these moments cultivate growth which will make them better individuals in the future. One dilemma which we face is how to make the trip memorable for our kids. According to an article by the Condé Nast Traveler which focused on what kids really want, children are also excited to try new and exotic activities which are not usually experienced at home.

It’s common knowledge that kids have a very short attention span—they easily get bored, and after boredom comes grumpiness. Children who are not in the mood are a bad company, and will probably ruin the whole trip for everyone. With this in mind, remember not to waste their time—book direct flights on Virgin Australia instead of connecting ones, so they won’t be dragged from one airport to another. Direct flights may be more expensive, but some cheap flights actually have extra hidden costs so they’re not really as affordable as they seem, according to an analysis by Parking4less. Although, idle time cannot altogether be avoided, so be prepared with fun games such as “I Spy” during long drives, or make them collect things for a travel scrapbook. Promising a prize for good manners will also motivate them to behave accordingly.

What should you bring along for the kids? Parenting Support Centre gave a few tips. During long drives, pack things from home which bring them comfort such as stuffed animals because this will help them sleep in the car. Educational games on a handheld device will also keep their boredom at bay. Store Disney movies on your iPad, as these will come handy when they get tired of playing games. Finally, bring healthy snacks because an empty stomach will also cause grouchiness.

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