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Setting up your own vlog site

When I first set up this site I was going to keep it very professional, just the videos, no personal comments, no shots of me, ranting to the camera in my bedroom, as a lot of online MEdia has been about.

I like this parody video on bedroom vlogging.

But I have found, my comments and observations about internet video and backpack filmmaking techniques rate really well, people are interested in knowing where this whole user generated media phenomena is heading and how to make their own stuff.

So I have decided to start adding posts about internet video, as a resource for people wishing to vlog.

For a start, I don’t think you can go past wordpress as a platform from which to setup your website. Web 2.0 has changed everything; Need an e-commerce solution? A contact form? A mapping solution? All you gotta do is download a free plugin!

Next step is getting your videos out there! Now this can be quite a time consuming process, so it is good to see one website tubemogul allows you to upload your videos to all the major sites, in one go.

Then you probably want to join some online vlogging community like this yahoo group which I find a handy resource.

There are also early adopters I like to watch, to see what works and what doesn’t. I like this one, featuring African wildlife, Kim Wolhuter’s wildcast, it uses all the latest Web 2.0 gadgets, and has a good grasp of what narrowcasting is all about.
kim wolhuter lion

I particularly like Will Video For Food. Nalt’s makes humorous videos, has a day job in marketing, and is really pushing the boundaries in regard to trying to make a living from his video making. So much so that he has attracted the attention of a group on youtube called the ‘underground’, who have frowned upon his blatant attempts to monetise his video content. They wish to see Youtube stay unique from mainstream media and itโ€™s reliance on advertising.
kevin nalts

This is all a new arena and I think Nalt’s is just an early adapter, experimenting with different ways to try and make his hobby pay for itself, some of these methods may work, some may not.

The Real News could be showing the way forward, as are the guys at whereby viewers make a pledge to give $$ support to have unique programming made.

The growth in user generated content will lead to the situation whereby groups and individuals outside main stream media, can make a living from their work, by filling niche programming needs.

At the moment, the online community are deciding how they want this new outlet to evolve.

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